About Us

Mana picture-Support, Connect, lead

Our goal is to sustain a coalition that supports Pacific Rim communities. We are a diverse
culture driven organization that connects its community and promotes collaboration. We
intend to lead and serve as the arch, bridging outside communities to the Pacific heritage
and uniting already familiar communities through the LOP RIPPLE effect:

  • Resource Leveraging
  • Integration
  • Performing Arts
  • Partnership
  • Leadership
  • Embodied Communication

Our goal is to provide our members with the highest quality technology to operate their
organization and our clientele, entertainment that is authentic from its Pacific origin. We
focus on giving our audiences the chance to live the culture and a glimpse of each tradition
as it progresses through time. Our products will bring past, present and future together.
Our member community will share their inspirations, creativity and dreams with all who
appreciate it.

Legacies are the past, present and future. As we pass down traditions to future
generations, we remain innovative as we keep up with current and future trends. Through
our technology, we remain a global presence as a collaborative community constantly
changing with the time.

As we share our experiences, we pass them down to future generations to do the same.
Join us as we take you on a tour through the Pacific Rim, and witness the Legacies of the