Our Logo



Concept originated by Michaela Spinoso and developed by Nina Diamzon

Design created and developed by Sean Bringas

Base Symbol

  • Resembles a tree for starting from the ground/roots and growing and branching out.
  • The stick in the middle is the “trunk” that connects the old roots in the earth to the branches that grow. The leaves fall off (like trends) and grow new ones (staying modern, new, and fresh); but always staying connected to the roots (tradition and culture)

Logo symbolizes:

  • Tradition
  • Roots
  • Modernism
  • Growth
  • Togetherness   
  • Homage
  • The shape also resembles a dancer         
  • Culture
base symbol of logo
manu dancer


Based on Michaela’s original concept as the dancer really being the vessel of passing on the traditions, Sean’s artistic talent and understanding of the vision and the culture, and having lived it as a dancer himself, created the “Manu Dancer”.

The “Manu”, meaning bird, throughout history and in many other cultures symbolized the messenger, or transporter.

Both Indigenous tribes, and Europeans used birds to communicate, transport, and pass messages between one another. In some cultures, crows are believed to be the transporters of souls to the afterlife.

Our Manu Dancer is unisex or gender blind. It is how we communicate, express, and share knowledge. The Manu Dancer is the bridge to a rich vibrant culture and how we pass down our legacies.

In the center of our logo, there are two other Manu’s behind the dancer; one represents our commerce or Vendor community and how we strive to live, and the other represents the Community itself and all our non-profit efforts of gifting the Pacific to others.

Together, both represent the support system to the Manu Dancer, and combined, the Trinity creates a united, empowered coalition of cultures.

Through collaboration and unity this can be achieved, and Legacies of the Pacific Dancers practice embodied communication where their actions speak louder than their words as they are vessels to their voices.


The “Vaka” or sail symbolizes many things. The sail itself represents a country that outlines the Pacific Rim. In the emblem, there are twelve Vakas representing twelve Pacific Rim cultures:

  1. Hawaii
  2. Tahiti
  3. Cook Islands
  4. Samoa
  5. Tonga
  6. Fiji
  7. New Zealand
  8. Papa New Guinea- Melanesia
  9. Guam- Micronesia
  10. Philippines
  11. Taiwan
  12. Japan

These Vakas encircle the Manus. The wave is the Pacific Ocean, and how we are all tied together.

The ripples represent “change” as in the ripple effect. Our mission, “Be the RIPPLE” has a distinct meaning. Each letter represents our philosophy on how we can make a difference in this world. Through unity we believe it’s achievable. We call this the LOP RIPPLE effect!

  • Resource Leveraging
  • Integration
  • Performing Arts
  • Partnership
  • Leadership
  • Embodied Communication